Apples sold out in half an hour!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (AUGUST 2013. Malaysia)Malaysian contemporary artist Ch’ng Huck Theng’s work of art entitled ‘What is an Apple ? Planet Earth Today and Tomorrow’ is currently on show in PINKGUY gallery at Marc Residence Kuala Lumpur from 1st to 17th August 2013.

It was an eye opening for collectors and art lovers as the entire gallery was decorated with actual apples and unlike any other galleries, the exhibits were all covered. It was also the gallery policy that there are no pre-sold or pre-book artwork as the gallery owner, Winson Loh, wanted everyone to have a fair chance either to enjoy or to own a piece of Ch’ng’s creation. After the speeches, the paintings were individually unveiled to the audience and that was the essence when Ch’ng’s big red apples together with his trade mark splashes captured the hearts of the collectors. These 14 conceptual artworks ranging from RM4,000 to RM16,000 were snapped up in half and hour. All the apples were sold out! The crowd clapped and cheered when Winson announced that the paintings were all acquired. It was an amazing phenomena and one just must be here to actually believe it.

More popular known for his bronze sculptures fetching impressive prices in international auction houses, Ch’ng’s has not had a solo art exhibition in Malaysia since 2010. This long awaited exhibition is with the intention of reminding humans not to take mother nature for granted and we should start finding ways to heel and to protect it before it is to late. The day when the future generations ask, ‘What is an Apple?’ will be a sad day because the most simple things in life like an apple is no longer common and it has become rare or even extinct.

Humans have taken for granted most things in lives not only those that are presented by mother nature but also those that care and love us as friends and families. ‘Why wait until it is too late then only we tried to protect and safe it, why not start treasuring it now?’ is a statement that the artist is trying to bring through to people living in today’s destroying tomorrow’s world.

Indeed an interesting exhibition with an important message and cleverly conveyed through a simple little red apple.

Artist Ch’ng Huck Theng and his exhibition on : ‘What is an Apple ? Planet Earth Today and Tomorrow’


Show opening day at PINKGUY gallery, Marc Residence Kuala Lumpur on 1 August 2013


Guests applauded when Pink Guy Winson announced that all paintings were sold in just half an hour after the show opening


(from left to right) Ch’ng and his art collectors