IMPerfect Creation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 2016. Melbourne, Australia) IMPerfect Creation is award-winning Asian contemporary sculptor Ch’ng Huck Theng’s first solo bronze sculpture exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. The exhibition is presenting 11 timeless bronze works created by Ch’ng, each carrying its own unique story, meaning and philosophy inspired by different people and happenings around the artist.

Through this exhibition, Ch’ng will be introducing a new perspective to the concept of beauty and ugly in which beauty cannot be seen if one cannot see ugliness. The artist’s ‘Ugly’ bronze sculptures depict current society matters that encourage the public to look deeper into their hearts and souls when faced with issues.

“Princess Liberty” by contemporary artist Huck Theng Ch’ng comes in a limited edition of 4

Ch’ng is currently one of the leading artists and sculptors in Malaysia as this year marks the artist’s 22 years in art. His works are collected not only in Malaysia but around the world by respected institutions that include École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (ENSBA) in Paris  Singapore Art Museum, Hong Kong University Museum & Gallery, Shanghai Art Museum and the National Visual Art Gallery Malaysia,.
Ch’ng’s bronze creations have been hammered off in local and international auction houses, setting impressive sales records. The artist’s works were also selected to be presented as national gifts by Malaysia’s Prime Minister to China, London and Melbourne. It has remained as Malaysia’s largest sculpture ever presented to the Chinese government.
Rupert Myer AO Guest of Honour and the Chair of the Australia Council for the Arts will be officiating the event. The highly anticipated exhibition is set to be held at SpACE@Collins, Level 1, 278 Collins Street from 20 October to 12 November 2016, from weekday 11am to 5pm and Saturday 11am to 3pm. Exhibition venue:

Meet some faces from the “CHECKMATE” by contemporary artist Huck Theng Ch’ng
“I wonder” by contemporary artist Huck Theng Ch’ng

About the artist
Ch’ng is an artist of many talents. Beside being a contemporary sculptor and painter, he is also a businessman, publisher, philanthropist and founder of profound network for business,i.e. CHTNetwork. Born in Penang in 1972, he was groomed to take over the family business and was sent to Wollongong University, NSW, Australia where he graduated with a Masters in Commerce graduating in 1995. Over the next two decades, the collection of arts and antiques grow to such an extent that he eventually established One East Museum & Art to display his collection and his own artwork.

Ch’ng currently serves as (the youngest) President for the Penang Art Society (the oldest art society in Malaysia). In record, he was also the youngest in history to sit as a Member in the Board of Trustee of National Visual Art Gallery Malaysia from 2009 – 2011. Beside being the president of Penang Art Society, he is also the current president of Association of Tourism Attractions Penang (ATAP) and Penang Antique Collectors Association.

In 2010, he won the Asia Art Award in Korea and London International Creative Competition LICC shortlist award.

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